The Game

Pix It AllPicasso said: "Good artists copy; great artists steal". In this game you became a good artist.

Your goal is to recreate an original image pixel after pixel. At the begining of each level a reference image will be shown to you, try to remember it. During the game, sometimes you can recall the reference image when needed. You can use preview at any time, but remeber - preview costs some credits! You earn credits by guessing the right color of pixels.

Each level has a fail counter. In most cases it is equal to 5. It means, that if you peek the wrong color 5 times in a row, you will lose.

If you get well, you will have several bonuses.

This game can be categorized as a chillout puzzle. During the game you will experience a great music atmosphere. The music is auto generated based on your movements and progress.

Enough talk, let's play!


Pix it All hightlights:

Enhance your memory!
Close related to pixel art
Many great levels
Outstanding atmosphere
Create your own rock tune!

Have fun!

The Game The Game
The Game The Game
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